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At Revive Renovations & Remodeling of New Jersey, we're known for making outdoor areas look amazing with our top-notch paving services. Our thing is turning simple spaces into stunning places with the best paving installations. As a well-known home remodeling name, we ensure every job is better than you hoped.

Our extensive experience in this sector has honed our ability to manage various paving projects with unparalleled skill and creativity. From crafting tranquil walkways and sturdy driveways to designing welcoming patios, our approach is marked by consistent dedication and precision. Our team of expert paving contractors has lots of experience and is focused on providing solutions that fit perfectly with your home's look and what you like. We do more than just put down pavers; we help create lasting experiences and memories.

Benefits of Paving Installation

When you choose paving, done the right way, it changes how your outdoor spaces look and brings many valuable benefits. At Revive, we're known for our skill in making sure every paving job we do adds a lot of value.

Easier Upkeep
One significant benefit of using pavers for driveways, patios, and paths is they hardly need any maintenance. Strong materials like interlocking concrete pavers stand up to all weather and wear. This means you will only have to put a little work or money into keeping them looking good. Because of this, your outdoor spots stay pleasant and valuable for a long time, saving you hassle and money.

Making Outdoor Living Better
We offer many paving options that make your outside areas nice and cozy. These spots encourage you and your family to spend more time in the open air, which is good for your health. Studies show that being outside can lift your mood, lower stress, and help you feel better overall.

Raising Property Value
Going for pavers, which our paving installation experts handle well, is a smart move for both looks and finances. Making driveways, patios, and walkways with quality pavers makes your property more appealing.

This improvement and the practical upsides of durable and low-maintenance pavers from our team can significantly bump up your home's value. Industry findings, like those in Remodeling Magazine's 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, suggest that investing in outdoor updates like pavers can pay off by increasing the value of your home, especially in New Jersey.

Types of Paving Installation Services Offered

Our paving company provides various paving services in New Jersey. We aim to meet different needs with care and creativity. Let's look closer at what we offer:

Detailed Residential Paving Services

Custom Design: As experts in paving installation, we offer many driveway styles, from superficial beauty to detailed patterns. We want your driveway to show your style and make your home look even better.

Built to Last: Our driveways are made to stand up to weather and daily use. We also give tips on keeping your driveway looking great for a long time.

For Every Occasion: Whether you want a small spot for your morning coffee or an ample space for parties, we design patios that fit your life.

Choosing Materials: Our paving contractors help you pick from many materials and designs, from classic brick to modern concrete, to match your home's outdoor look.


Safe and Beautiful Paths: Our walkways do more than get you from point A to point B. They make your yard or garden look better and keep you safe as you walk.

Fits Right In: We make sure your new walkway goes well with your yard, garden, lawn, or any water features you might have.

Installation Process by Our Paving Contractors

Getting your paving just right is all about a careful and well-planned process. We take it step by step to ensure everything meets the top standards and practices.

  • STEP #1: Initial Consultation and Design Planning: We start with a good chat to understand your needs. As your paving contractors, we're here to advise on the design, materials, and layout that will best fit your place and style.

  • STEP #2: Site Assessment and Preparation: We look at the area to spot any tricky bits or special needs. Then, we get the site ready, clearing it out, ensuring it's level, and setting up so water drains well. This helps make a strong base for the pavers.

  • STEP #3: Base Material Installation: A crucial part of paving installation is laying down a suitable base, usually top-quality gravel and sand. We press this layer down to make a stable, flat base that's key for keeping your pavement solid and even for a long time.

  • STEP #4: Laying of Pavers: Our skilled team placed the pavers carefully, sticking to the design we planned with you. Getting each paver right is essential so they're all lined up and spaced correctly.

  • STEP #5: Cutting and Edging: We might need to cut some pavers to ensure they fit just right, especially around edges or curves. We also put in edging to keep the shape of your pavement nice and neat over time.

  • STEP #6: Sand Filling and Compaction: We fill in between the pavers with sand and pack it down. This keeps the pavers stable, stops weeds and bugs, and ensures smooth and even surfaces.

  • STEP #7: Inspection and Cleaning: We review everything carefully to ensure it's done correctly. Then, we clean the area so your new paved space is ready.

  • STEP #8:Final Touches and Sealing (if needed): We add any final touches to make the pavement look its best. We might also put on a sealant to protect your pavers and keep the color looking great for longer.

Comprehensive Materials and Design Options

At Revive Renovations & Remodeling of New Jersey, choosing the right materials and design is vital to making top-notch paving. This paving not only looks fantastic but also lasts a long time. We have extensive materials and designs to match many styles and likes.

Lots of Material Choices for What You Need

Concrete Pavers:

  • Great for a modern, clean look with lots of shapes and sizes.

  • Super tough, easy to take care of, and comes in many colors and textures.

Brick Pavers:

  • Perfect for a classic, always-in-style look.

  • It gives a cozy, warm vibe, and you can pick from many colors, like traditional red or softer shades.

Natural Stone:

  • For a fancy, one-of-a-kind, and luxurious look.

  • Choices include granite, slate, limestone, and travertine, each with astonishing patterns and colors.

Permeable Pavers:

  • A green choice that helps with water management and cuts down on runoff.

  • It mixes good looks with practicality, which is excellent for projects that care about the planet.

Design Options Tailored to Your Style

Custom Patterns and Layouts:

  • From classic herringbone and basketweave to contemporary linear patterns.

  • Ability to create unique, custom designs that reflect your personal taste and complement your property‚Äôs architecture.

Color Selections and Combinations:

  • Wide range of colors, from natural earth tones to vibrant shades.

  • Expert advice on color combinations and contrasts to enhance the overall appeal of your space.

Texture and Finishing Touches:

  • Options range from smooth finishes for a modern look to tumbled textures for a rustic feel.

  • Attention to detail in finishing touches that bring out the best in your chosen materials and designs.

Reduce Maintenance

Old, worn-out driveways and outdoor living spaces can require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Upgrading to new materials such as pavers or composite decking can reduce the amount of maintenance needed and save you time and money in the long run.

Improve Health

Spending time outdoors has been shown to have various health benefits, from improving mood to reducing stress. By creating a functional and comfortable outdoor space, you can encourage yourself and your family to spend more time outside, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Increase Home Value

Upgrading your driveway, deck, or patio can also increase your home's value, making it a worthwhile investment. According to Remodeling Magazine's 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, adding a new wood deck or patio can recoup over 70% of its cost in increased home value.

Discover the Benefits of Pavers and Decks

Our talented team of professionals brings years of experience and expertise to each project, ensuring that every detail is perfect. We offer a range of design options to suit your style and needs, from interlocking concrete pavers to sophisticated decks that will make your outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood.

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