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Revive Renovations & Remodeling of New Jersey a renowned name in Central New Jersey, brings a fresh perspective to deck building. Our decks are more than just structures; they are the heart of your outdoor living space. As skilled deck builders, we know how vital a good deck is. It should fit your way of life and make your home worth more. Our decks show off your unique style and are made to last right here, where every home is different.

A great deck can transform your yard and your entire living experience. We make lovely, long-lasting decks by mixing new ideas with old-school building skills. As professional deck contractors, we take pride in using the finest materials and the latest techniques for deck installation, building visually appealing but also sturdy and safe decks.

This makes decks that look good and are solid and secure. Our decking company wants to give you a place outside to relax, have fun, and enjoy the beauty of New Jersey

Benefits of Adding a Deck to Your Home:

Our team is excellent at making decks that turn your outside space into a cozy and stylish spot. Adding a deck to your home brings many good things, from handy benefits to improving your life.

Less Work to Keep Up: Our decks are made by expert deck builders that last a long time and are easy to look after. We use top-notch materials like composite and vinyl that don't get the usual wear and tear like wood, such as fading or rotting. This means you'll spend less time fixing it up and more time enjoying your outdoor hangout spot. This shows how good our deck contractors are.

Better Outdoor Living: A deck from Revive makes your outdoor area a great place to relax, have fun, or enjoy nature. Being outside can make you feel happier and less stressed. Our decks make it easy for you and your family to love spending time outdoors.

Boosts Home Value: Getting a deck from us is not just for personal comfort; it's also wise for your wallet in the long run. A well-made deck makes your house look better from the outside and can attract people looking to buy a home. This kind of upgrade can back a lot of its cost when you sell your house, showing why choosing an experienced decking company like ours in New Jersey is wise.

Our Comprehensive Deck 

Installation Services In New Jersey

We're experts at making different decks for every taste and need. We have many choices, so everyone in New Jersey can find their perfect deck. Let's dive into the deck types we offer:

Wooden Decks

  • Natural Wood Decks: Classic and always in style; these decks use top-notch woods like cedar and pine. They look great and can be painted to match your house.

  • Exotic Wood Decks: For a unique look, we have exotic woods like Ipe. They're tough and have beautiful patterns.

  • Custom Woodworking: Our skilled deck builders can add unique wood details to make your deck one-of-a-kind with fancy railings or floor patterns.

Composite Decks

  • Low-Maintenance Composite: Made from wood bits and recycled plastic, these decks look like wood but are more convenient to take care of. They don't rot or warp.

  • Colors and Textures: With the help of our expert deck contractors, you can choose from many colors and textures to make the deck fit your home's look.

  • Eco-Friendly: These decks use recycled stuff and are great for the planet.

Vinyl Decks

  • Tough and Easy: Vinyl decks last a long time and are simple to keep up. They're perfect for New Jersey's weather since they don't need staining or sealing.

  • Modern Look: If you like a clean style, vinyl decking is a good choice. It comes in different colors and patterns to match your home.

  • Custom Options: You can pick the color and pattern that best fits your home's outside look.

Special Deck Features

  • Built-In Seating: As an innovative decking company, we add seats and benches to your deck to make it more valuable and cozy.

  • Lights: We can use lights to make your deck pleasant at night and add a nice vibe.

  • Pergolas and Gazebos: Adding one can give you shade and make your deck look even better.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

  • For Fun: We design decks for parties and fun, with things like outdoor kitchens or fire pits.

  • Quiet Spots: If you want a calm place outside, we can make a peaceful and private deck.

  • Family-Friendly: Our deck installation service ensures your decks are safe and fun for kids, perfect for family times and activities.

Our Streamline Deck Building Process

At Revive we mix expert skills with a promise to make you happy, giving you a deck that's even better than you hoped. As your deck contractors, we care for every step of the deck installation with great attention.

Here's a close look at how we build decks:

STEP #1: Initial Consultation and Design

  • Chatting About Your Dream Deck: We kick things off with a chat to hear about what you want in your new deck.

  • Checking Out Your Space: We look over your yard to see what we're working with. This includes checking the ground and any other things already there.

  • Designing Your Deck: After our chat and checking out your yard, we draw up a plan for your deck that shows what you want and fits with your house.

STEP #2: Permits and Approvals

  • Following the Rules: We get all the permits needed and ensure your deck plan follows New Jersey's local rules.

  • Neighborhood Rules: If you have neighborhood rules or a homeowners' group, we'll ensure your deck is okay with those.

STEP #3: Preparation and Foundation

  • Prepping the Site: We get the area ready, which might mean cleaning it up, making the ground level, or taking down things in the way.

  • Laying the Foundation: A strong foundation is vital, so we might pour concrete, put it in posts, or build a frame, depending on your deck's design.

STEP #4: Construction Phase

  • The Best Stuff: We pick top-notch materials to make your deck look great and last long.

  • Craftsmanship: Our skilled builders put your deck together carefully, ensuring every piece, from the boards to the railings, is perfect.

  • Staying Safe: Keeping things safe is a big deal for us. We follow strict safety rules to ensure your deck is solid and secure.

STEP #5: Finishing Touches

  • Checking Everything: After building your deck, we check everything to ensure it's all good. If we need to fix anything, we do it then.

  • Making It Look Great: We might stain, seal, or paint your deck to make it look its best and stand up to the weather.

STEP #6: Clean Up and Final Walkthrough

  • Cleaning Up: We clean up your yard, removing any mess from building the deck.

  • Showing You Around: We walk you through your new deck to ensure you love it. This is an excellent time to ask questions and learn how to care for your deck.

STEP #7: Post-Construction Support

  • Taking Care of Your Deck: We'll give you tips on how to keep your deck looking great.

  • Our Promise: Your deck installation service comes with a warranty, and we're here if you have questions later, showing why we're a top decking company in New Jersey

Reduce Maintenance

Old, worn-out driveways and outdoor living spaces can require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. Upgrading to new materials such as pavers or composite decking can reduce the amount of maintenance needed and save you time and money in the long run.

Improve Health

Spending time outdoors has been shown to have various health benefits, from improving mood to reducing stress. By creating a functional and comfortable outdoor space, you can encourage yourself and your family to spend more time outside, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.

Increase Home Value

Upgrading your driveway, deck, or patio can also increase your home's value, making it a worthwhile investment. According to Remodeling Magazine's 2021 Cost vs. Value Report, adding a new wood deck or patio can recoup over 70% of its cost in increased home value.

Discover the Benefits of Pavers and Decks

Our talented team of professionals brings years of experience and expertise to each project, ensuring that every detail is perfect. We offer a range of design options to suit your style and needs, from interlocking concrete pavers to sophisticated decks that will make your outdoor space the envy of the neighborhood.

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We want our work to speak for itself! Whether you're looking to spruce up a room in your home, increase the value of your house, or completely remodel your space, you deserve to know the quality of the work you're getting. At Revive Homes, we stand by this belief and strive to feature a variety of projects throughout our site!

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